Living a healthy life style is not just a fad. For us, it’s a way of life.

At The EVOLVE Gym we want you to exercise your options to suit your needs. Whether you want to trim down or tone up, have more energy for your family, for work or for play, or to just look and feel better.


A breakthrough training experience integrating connectivity, sustainability, seamless design and movement feeling, ARTIS®is the first fully integrated collection of 30 Cardio, Strength and Functional equipment.


Monday-Friday, 06:00am-22:00pm

Saturday, 08:00-18:00

Sunday, 09:00-15:00

Hello to all the Evolve Fitness and Wellness family,

I find the Evolve Space ideal for high-level exercise and sports.

An excellent job with some quality environment, sophisticated equipment, great options for classes, cleanliness is very good (which for me is a key element for a serious gym) and a great team of exceptional professionals in the service to provide good know-how at evolve. Bravo to you all, keep the same tempo and passion going.

Sincerely to you all

Giorgos Economou

Manager, Stepagor

The only reason not to go to this gym is that you just came back!!

Christos Georgakis

The Gym is what I think about when I think of the perfect gym.  It has the perfect location, most welcoming vibes, and by far the most advanced and up-to-date machinery and training.   The personal trainers are very helpful and the classes are offered at various    times throughout the week so as to be of convenience for all persons.

Annahit Boyadjian

At EVOLVE GYM, exercising & gymnastics are bothan enjoyment and a pleasure !!! With experienced, professional trainers in a beautiful, clean and friendly environment.

Elena Michaelidou

A new, Hi-tech, state-of-the-art gym with modern fitness machines and trainers full of zest to provide advice. Rich in Les Mills programs accompanied by strong, determined instructors to help you reach your goals. Good work Evolve … Keep Going! XX

Iliana Nearchou

Evolve Fitness is not just a gym facility. It is a modern fitness center with a wide range of services. Separate training rooms and high quality fitness equipment, combined with experienced staff are the reason for my presence here. Whatever your goal, at Evolve Gym you will succeed. Evolve Gym cares for your well-being!!!

Christodoulos Koullouteris

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