The Pilates Reformer is one of the most popular and growing form of exercise around the world. An ingenious piece of equipment created by the founder of the PILATES form “Joseph Pilates”.  Its growing popularity simply attributes to the fact that, it such a versatile piece of equipment, promoting a safe and effective workout, targeted at such a vast diversity of audience ( from athletes, healthy individuals,  to recovering patients from lower back pain, spine injury or even people with reduced mobility). The reason that lies behind this, is due to the way this piece of machine is designed, having a bed like frame which is called a carriage and is attached to springs, with different levels of resistance. Either standing, lying supine, prone or sideways, clients will experience a full body workout, moving through a full range of motion, developing stronger and leaner muscles with this added resistance. In Pilates, we often hear the phrases such as creating length in the body, aligning the spine and hips, and breathing laterally from the ribcage. To simplify all this, the target and aim is to teach the body to move in correct and safe form, improving posture, flexibility, stability and muscle strength. The Pilates Reformer provides all this and many more benefits, so all you have to do is give it a try, and become addicted as so many others before!!


  • Posture- improving spinal alignment, strengthening the muscles of the back, improving muscle imbalances, and decreasing the chances of spinal injury, and low back pain. You will feel and look taller, carrying out a proper posture throughout you every day activities.
  • Increased Flexibility-moving through a full range of motion with added resistance trains the body to create length and sustain it.
  • Balance- due to the fluid and controlled movement throughout the exercises on the reformer, the body acquires a very precious and valuable benefit; balance through body awareness. To know which muscles to engage and keeping a perfect alignment of the body, enhances balance.
  • STRONG CORE- when speaking about the core people commonly mistake it for a 6-pack. The muscles of the core include the abdominals but also, the muscles of the lower back aswell, promoting healthy spines giving an more correct upright posture, but also phenomenal power of the abdominals.
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