Tendinitis, also known as tendonitis, is the inflammation of a tendon. Tendinitis is a type of tendinopathy – a disease of the tendon. Tendinosis is similar to tendinitis, but requires different treatment. Tendinitis refers to larger-scale acute (sudden, short-term) injuries with inflammation.

Take these simple steps to lower your chances of developing tendinitis:

keep physically fit and build your muscle tone warm up before exercising avoid overuse and repetitive motions cross-train, if you’re an athlete use proper posture when working at a desk or at other tasks don’t remain in the same position for too long, and move around periodically use proper equipment at work and during athletic activities If you begin to feel the pain of tendinitis, stop the activity you’re performing. Take a 20-minute break to apply ice and rest.

Consult u r trainer, physiotherapist, physician.

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