Managing Director/Consultant

LTC Torque Fitness&Wellbeing

> Owner and founder of LTC Torque Fitness & Wellbeing, and TFJ-The Fitness Joint fitness facility design and management solutions trade mark companies, both operating in Nicosia Cyprus. Currently working as Director /Consultant of Fitness and Wellbeing in one of the largest global organisations base in Cyprus. With more than 20 years of  experience in the fitness industry (working as Director of Fitness&Wellbeing,Fitness Manager, Personal Trainer, Functional Trainer ), Lambros was the  creator and General Manager of one of the most successful health and fitness facilities in Nicosia, with thousands of satisfied-registered members and corporate clients.

> Graduating with a BSc in Physical Education and Sports Science, and with a specialization in Fitness & Exercise and Athletic Coaching, from SFC Brooklyn, NY, USA. He was also awarded with the Fitness Award Diploma from Essex County College Newark, NJ, USA. He also holds an MBA from Open University Cyprus with concentration in Management and a thesis in quality of service, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty at fitness facilities.

> Lambros has also trained in personal training, sports nutrition, suspension training, functional training, Stott pilates, vibrokinetic, boxing and JKD and is a certified first aid, CPR, AED trainer and a certified lifequard. Having served his country as a Special Forces (Green Berets) sergeant, his approach to both fitness and his clients is based on precision, hard work and determination.

>Also he is the creator and consultant of Evolve Gym!




He obtained a bachelor degree in physiotherapy with specialization in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and manual therapy.
He is a member of the Pancyprian Association of Physiotherapists.
He worked in several private physiotherapy centers and now works as a self employed physiotherapist and as a clinical instructor in the University of Nicosia.
A highly motivated, confident individual with exceptional organizational skills.
He has the ability to work closely with other health care professionals to assess patients’ needs and devise suitable treatment plans for them.
Able to communicate effectively with patients to maximize the rehabilitation and to ensure understanding of often complex clinical issues impacting on recovery.




Studied in the USA (Southern Illinois University and Saint Louis University) from 1997-2004 where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics and with 2 master’s degrees in clinical dietetics and sports nutrition and performance. From 2004 she has a private practice consulting people on their nutrition habits and from 2005 she works as a sports nutritionist at the Cyprus Sports Research Center. Also, from 2008 she is the sports nutritionist of APOEL FC. She participates as a guest speaker in many sports seminars and she writes articles on miscellaneous newspapers or magazines. In 2010 she received the certified specialist in sports nutrition diploma. Also, in 2007 created the first Healthy Lifestyle Camp in Cyprus for children ages 10-15 and is performed every year during the summer.




Antigoni is one of our Relaxed Massage and Energy Therapy providers.
She owns a diploma on “Basic Massage” and therefore she can provide a relaxed massage for each one of you.
Antigoni is also a Reiki Master Diploma (3A) – 3rd degree diploma owner, whereby Reiki is an alternative holistic therapy for body, mind and spirit of the human. It is a safe, simple and natural healing technique that uses the transmission of vital energy in the hands touch.

Now practiced and taught around the world with miraculous results.

Reiki is a healing system particularly pleasant, relaxing and mind waking: Our gentle touch refreshes and rejuvenates us, renews us and cleanses us from anxiety, insecurity, fear and negativity. It fills us strength and brings us into an inner harmony, comprehension, simplicity and balance.

• Reiki helps the individual to discover the power of media for self-medication.
• Reiki works on all levels: the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual.
• Reiki promotes physical strength and well-being and emotional and mental purity and clarity.
• Reiki reduces or eliminates pain.
• Reiki cleanses the body of negative energies and removes energy blockages.
• Reiki brings detoxify the body.
• Reiki enhances all the natural functions of the body.
• Reiki opens and cleans the energy channels and energy centers and charging with pure life energy.
• Reiki energizes exactly where the needs of each individual. Energy has its own intelligence and is adapted to the needs of each individual.
• Reiki helps us to live more consciously in everyday life and to experience positivity, joy and love every day.
• Reiki helps us to release our emotions and to gain balance.
• Reiki benefits the animals, plants and the entire planet!
• Reiki is Love. It helps us to follow our path and to unite with the Infinite and Perfect Love, with Love Unconditional! With a Simple, Smooth, Natural Touch!
The therapy or Reiki session is very pleasant and relaxing.