Myria Adamou is a graduate of the European University Cyprus since 2017, with a degree in Speech and Language Therapy. She also has a master in Special and Inclusive Education.

She practiced of speech and language therapy for 2 years at the Clinic of the European University Cyprus and at the Special Needs School in Larnaca.

She has worked in various chores such as cafes, restaurants, etc.  In her free time she is engaged in gymnastics and dancing, since she has been attending Belly dance and Zoumbas lessons.  She likes to spend time with her friends and family.  She is an intact character with a lot of dynamism and organization.



 Graduate of the Technical School in the field of Graphic Arts.
I worked in various jobs such as television production as a graphic designer, kiosk clerk and as a security guard at the airport. In my free time I do gymnastics, animals, music, I like traveling and trying new things that interest me.

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